Welcome to Spavens

The best Sweet Shop EVER!!!

So we’re told that we’re the best sweet shop EVER!!! and who are we to disagree. Our range of sweets is vast, if we don’t sell it then they probably don’t make it. We have all the traditional sweets from your childhood, fizz bombs, rhubarb & custards, cola bottles, black jacks and all the other classics. We have sweets from far off lands, like London and Holland, in fact we have 36 different types of licorice alone.

That’s not all, we have loads of different flavours of home-made fudge, crepes with yummy fillings, loads of flavours of ice cream, delicious milk shakes, candy floss and popcorn.

The best Party Venue EVER!!!

And we’re told we’re the best Party Venue EVER!!! and who wouldn’t love to have their party in a sweet shop?

First, you and your friends will decorate your own sweetie jar, personalising it, add your name and anything else they like in our craft area. You then get to fill it to the brim with as many sweets as you can in the sweet shop. You’ll get to have one of our delicious Crepe’s, an ice cream and a drink then choose one of our craft items (pot or wood) to decorate back in the craft area. And of course they get to take all their sweets home in their Jar with lots of other goodies in the goodie bag.